Why Join the TTRPG Community

The TTRPG Community is a central hub for all things Tabletop RPG! The homepage can show recent Articles, Tools, Podcasts and Videos directly from the creators in one, nice, aggregated package! What do you need to view this content? Nothing! You can just show up, click on the content you’re interested in, and enjoy!

However, where this community really shines, is it’s ability to  everyone from the TTRPG Community directly with the creators of the content shown on this site! You can view recent community activity, favorite articles, comment, and message other users. The number one goal of the TTRPG Community, is to become just that: A community. A positive force of like-minded individuals to share ideas, resources, and excitement around our favorite hobby.

Whether you are someone who already creates things for Tabletop RPG’s, someone who is thinking about contributing, or someone who just wants to expand your RPG horizons, now is the perfect time to Sign Up!

I Want to Share Content!

Are you a brand new Creator? Congratulations! Creating for this community is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. But, before you get started sharing on this site, you will need to have a blog, Youtube channel, or podcast page to link to. Afterwards, come on back!

When first starting out in the TTRPG industry, it can be incredibly difficult to get that initial exposure. Our goal for creators  is to help new, and established creators share their content with the world and to gain exposure in a friendly, collaborative environment. One way that we feel is important to support creators that share on the website is through traffic. Traffic is important for you to build your own audience, your own brand, and potentially earn ad revenue or sell your materials. It is for this reason that we think all your traffic should be just that: yours!

For that reason, the TTRPG Community does not host any articles directly on our website. We just function as a central hub linking others to your website, and allowing for open conversation with other members of the community. And since all that’s hosted here is only a link back to your site, that means that your content and ideas remain directly under your control. You are able to create your brand with the TTRPG Community only aiding in the process.

In order to start sharing, Register for the community, and set your website link in your profile. When you’re ready to go, Send a Message to @ttrpgAdmin with the Subject of New Creator! This is a manual process by us, so it may take a day or two, but we’ll get you set up with the ability to post your own content! When you first sign up you are able to link your 3 most recent articles, then any time you create new content, come back and tell us what’s new!

How do I Post new Content?

Once you are registered as a user, and set up as a Creator by sending a message, then you are able to post your content to the home page.

  1. In the side bar, click the Pencil Icon, then select Add New Post.
  2. Copy the direct link to your Article, Episode or Video. You will then paste that link into the Post Link box on the page.
  3. It is recommended that you write a brief description of your new content in the Post Description Comment box.
  4. After you enter the Post Link, the title will be automatically generated in the Post Title box. However, you are able to modify this title if you should have that need.
  5. The Post Content is created automatically from the information you entered above. Good Job!
  6. In the Categories dropdown, choose the most appropriate category for your type of content.
  7. In the final Tags section, check any tags that apply to your content.
  8. Click Submit Post to push it to the front page!

And that’s it! Congratulations!

This site is still pretty new. If you have any questions that are not yet documented, please feel free to message @ttrpgadmin and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!