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Canon, Your Homegrown Setting, and You

Our lives change constantly, as do our views and levels of creativity. For those of us who construct vast Dungeons & Dragons settings and worlds for our players to place their characters in and explore, this brings a dilemma. How do we stay true to all the wild escapades, heart-racing adventures, and ground-breaking campaigns that occur in our world? We all have an opinion on the role of canon in works of fiction—and we should carve one out for our own worlds as well.

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(When) is it OK to TPK?

Character death is part of the stakes of a lot of our games. It keeps us on our toes as players. Hitpoints or harm are often one of the resources players have to manage. There can be a great deal of drama – and satisfaction – in epic battles against overwhelming odds, even if we lose.

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Creating Dynamic RPG Plots from Plot Elements

The elements in the grid and whether they are in the spotlight tells me where to focus my planning; I can draft up a couple of NPCs and a list of potential stat blocks for the Antagonists, and maps etc. for any Places I might need in the next couple of sessions. If it’s not likely to be relevant now or soon then don’t plan it! But do it in a way that can be reused in case it doesn’t become relevant immediately.