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October 10, 2021

Safety Tools of the OSR Table, a new Pay What You Want to download, blows apart the myth that safety considerations in tabletop RPGs are new or unwelcome.

October 10, 2021

This month continues a three-part (grown from two originally) world building exploration of the Empire of the Old World for WFRP.

October 3, 2021

In SLA Industries, you’re operatives for a mega-corporation that controls multiple star systems with an iron fist. You’re on planet Mort, the centre of this corporate empire. It always rains, life is cheap, and your battles against monsters in ruins and serial killers is broadcast on TV to distract the working masses.

October 2, 2021

Think you might be tempted by a sci-fi game without rules for spaceships, except for the role to see if this life raft has actually broken down or not?

September 29, 2021

For many of us, Social Anxiety can be a true hindrance in our day to day lives and make the concept of interacting with new and unfamiliar people exhausting. However, let me tell you how tabletop games have changed that for me.