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A Better Roll Table

Make Roll Tables work for YOU! A Better Roll Table Roll Tables are amazing for Game Masters! When improvisation calls, Roll Tables can help out a GM to find a character name, create a new event, or even provide loot! The only problem with Roll Tables is that they’re static! First you need to find…

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Carbyne Jungle: Review

Carbyne Jungle: Review Welcome to the jungle, the Carbyne Jungle! An upcoming RPG published by Nor Cal Mythos Entertainment, Carbyne Jungle is the first setting created for the company’s own Tri-Forge Engine. It’s a beautiful blend of Sci-Fi and Fantasy into a truly unique setting. We were lucky enough to receive a digital sneak-preview of…

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Badass Checks • Roll4 Network

Determine your level of badassery! Badass Checks • Roll4 Network House rules are an important part of many different tabletop RPG groups. Whether its rolling a different skill for initiative, borrowing some aspects of a different version of the game, or deciding not to count ammunition, every group has them. Today I’ll be talking about…

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The Countries of Mitica • Roll4 Network

These are the countries (that have been discovered) from our Homebrew setting! I’m pretty excited to finally have an official map instead of multiple copies hidden throughout years of notebooks. The Countries of Mitica • Roll4 Network Civilizations have grown, thrived, and fallen countless times since the introduction of widespread travelling. In these times, these…