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Zerg Rush

Combat slowing you down? Then let’s fix that! Zerg Rush Battles in most tabletop RPG games are notorious for being tedious. Long repetitive battles can lower player investment and in the worst-case scenario, can just be flat-out boring. We’ve tackled how to beat this repetitive nature in boss battles before, but what about those other…

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Fail 3 Rule

Fail 3 Rule In baseball it’s three strikes and you’re out. But in tabletop RPG’s, it can be three strikes, plus 8 more strikes before you hit the ball. Let’s face it, we’ve all had days where the dice just don’t roll in our favor. In our opinion, failure leads to some of the best…

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Ancestry of Mitica

Meet the citizens of Mitica in our new Article! Ancestry of Mitica The world of Mitica is vast and diverse, and the inhabitants of this planet are no different. Several sentient creatures evolved in isolation before their knowledge of magic was advanced enough to allow for widespread travel. Even though this milestone was achieved long…