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Genre Police: Approaching Death

Death Saves in D&D kinda suck. When we talk about mechanics in games that sort of rile me a bit, the 5th edition version of ‘dying’ is maybe the most frustrating. I feel like a player is sort of waiting in limbo to either be zapped back to life on the most minimal hit points a caster can afford to give up, or they have several rounds until they die in a very unheroic fashion – face down on the floor, having finally bled out.

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YZ Worldbuilding: Blade Runner

Have you ever wanted to understand what Roy Batty felt dying in the rain or roleplay a burnt-out cop like Rick Deckard facing not just your own mortality but also the loss of life replicants are programmed with? Not just as a viewer of passive entertainment but as one of the primary drivers of the action and emotions? Blade Runner the Roleplaying Game, may be just what you need.